Jewelry for the Journey Forward

About Karin Slaton from Backstory Designs


Know first who you are,
And adorn yourself accordingly.

I love this quote from Epictetus. He is urging us, way back in the first century, to “wear our backstory.” To show our true selves through our accessories. To choose each day to dress with intention and authenticity. To know who we are and try to show more of that every day.

Weaving the smallest precision-cut beads and incorporating semi-precious stones and crystals, I design jewelry for grown-up women. Women with history. Women who know the best way to inspire hope, change and possibility is to show up every day and be seen.

I handcraft each piece in my Atlanta studio. With each design, I hope to craft a piece that someone will find beautiful or delightful or exquisite…the forever accessory that hits the zone of perfect balance where the inside and outside align. Crayola-box brights with deepest plum? Sapphires with leather? Oh, yes! Jewelry for days when we feel lofty and days when we feel lowly. Jewelry for the journey forward.

I hope you find something you love here. Something simply elegant or something you can make a statement in. When you choose a Backstory design, you not only support my small studio, but all profits from the sale of my designs go to support the work of Doctors Without Borders. Because life is so much sweeter when we journey forward together.

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