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When a Shorter Necklace Really Works

When it comes to statement jewelry, longer is not always better. There are definitely times when choosing a shorter piece is the best investment for your wardrobe.

  1. Those off-the-shoulder summer blouses will soon be tucked into drawers and cooler weather will have us reaching for scoop-neck and v-neck tops. Pair them with a shorter necklace or pendant, especially one that mimics the curve of the neckline to really make a statement.
  2. A shorter necklace makes the perfect statement with an undone button-up top. And they’re a great way to add color if a denim jacket-over-teeshirt is your cool-weather uniform. A dramatic shape close to the face takes that everyday outfit from ordinary to something special. And helps you look and feel fantastic even on errand days.
  3. Your favorite, never-will-part-with turtleneck and blazer might seem kind of staid, but add a Swarovski spike necklace or any fun, angular pendant, and you’re immediately up to date.

A simple shirtdress, a soft-as-cashmere sweater, a favorite T-shirt – all perfect backgrounds for a short statement necklace to shine. How will you wear yours this Fall?


  • Posted by Janet Schweinhart on

    Absolutely love your website. It is very usable and easy to access at all levels. Of course, I LOVE the jewelry, that goes without saying, as always!

  • Posted by Kathy France on

    Wow, wow, wow! These are fabulous. You have an amazing eye for what to mix with what! Love, love, love!

  • Posted by Heather Walton on

    I just love your jewelry and am excited to see what new creations you have in store for the future. Every piece I own is quality made and beautiful. I consistently get positive comments when I wear a Backstory Designs piece.

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